Damian Lewis Damian Lewis

Being a U.S. Marine-turned-domestic terrorist who is almost constantly under investigation by the CIA is plenty stressful. Just ask Homeland's Nick Brody.

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That guy is under so much pressure, he needs a release valve. And by the sound of things, he's found one! Week after week, we're treated to the glorious hissing sounds of Brody's heavy breathing as he navigates his treacherous path between being a patriot and a traitor.

Whether he's suffering night terrors or preparing to blow himself up in order to kill the vice president (or simply cooking breakfast!), this guy is constantly giving his respiratory system a workout. Not since Jodie Foster wandered into Buffalo Bill's night-vision-lit basement in The Silence of the Lambs has heavy breathing been used to such dramatic effect.

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Don't believe us? Take a deep breath and click play on the video below to relive every gasp, sigh, exhale, wheeze and moan that has come from Damian Lewis' extremely well-trained nostrils. Rarely has so much been said with so little.