After a few days on vacation, away from the entertainment frenzy that envelopes me every day, I came back and quickly caught up on Hollywood's couple troubles, steady pairings and budding romances.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams taking time apart? Madonna going off to Africa without Guy Ritchie in tow? Prince William single? What on earth is going on, people! OK, so we all know that our famous friends tend to hook up, move in, adopt dogs and have babies with each other faster than Simon Cowell can roll his eyes, but do the promising couples have to bite the dust, too? I, personally, am choosing to believe that the real-life Notebook lovers are totally and completely fine and a friend of a friend of a friend of a cousin just made it up to spoil all the fun.

Other pairings that might be better off separate? Jessica Alba and Cash Warren are reportedly swimming in choppy waters, and Britney Spears fired her manager Larry Rudolph. Bravo, Brit! Now, prove us all wrong with a cute, short 'do, a dance-worthy album and quality time with the kiddies.

On the friendly front, looks like Idol finalist Chris Richardson is already paving his way to the VIP tables even though he's still sharing votes with Sanjaya and taking style notes from Justin Timberlake. He was spotted out at nightclub Les Deux with Hills star Lauren Conrad last weekend - now who exactly initiated that number exchange? In your face, Jason Wahler!

Also, the Simpson sisters are still going strong with their musical boyfriends. Ashlee and Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz seem to have found a groove, and Jessica has been spending quality time traveling with John Mayer. Check out this brief romantic spoof on the brunette duo from last week's Saturday Night Live.

And, of course, cover stories everywhere are printing madly that Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon have been spotted hanging out more and more. I didn't expect the usually glowing mommy-of-two to jump into a budding romance so soon after her split with partying ex Ryan Phillippe, but all I can do is wish her the best, because a few headlines and photographs won't ever slow down this talented star.

One last plea (I can't waste them all on Britney): Katie Holmes, please channel your old, independent self and revive the happy, girl-next-door smile we remember so fondly. Your baby is gorgeous, but I beg you, stop the madness. Call Oprah. Her couch is ready and waiting.