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This Monday at 9 pm/ET, TNT's Saving Grace resumes its second season, but since we last left off, so much has changed. Namely, Grace has a new partner — Abby Charles, played by guest-star Christina Ricci — while Butch is now paired with Ham, now that Bobby is undercover. Plus, Earl has new business for Grace to tend to, involving death row inmate Leon Cooley. (Oh, and a serial killer is on the loose, too.) Holly Hunter shared a look at the next batch of episodes.

TVGuide.com: There's a fair amount of upheaval being worked through in the squad room when the season resumes. Would you say that "change" is a big theme for what's ahead?
Holly Hunter: I would say that the theme of the entire series is Grace dealing with change. It's hard to ever nail it down to any one thing that she's dealing with. But these days, one thing she's dealing with is forgiveness. She's trying to come around to forgiving herself for things that she's done, for things that have happened in her life that she has blamed herself for. 

TVGuide.com: I wasn't too impressed with her new partner, Abby Charles, at first — and neither is Grace. But I assume that changes soon enough?
Hunter: Oh, just wait and see.... 

TVGuide.com: I mean, the gal cries within moments of meeting Grace!
[Laughs] Not a good sign. [Laughs] Christina [Ricci]'s character is a much more complex character, and she reveals many, many new things about herself. Ricci's wonderful in the part.

TVGuide.com: Has the death of Ham's brother effectively derailed what was brewing between him and Grace?
Hunter: I would never say never in this series — especially not in terms of sex. [Laughs

TVGuide.com: I enjoy the pairing of Ham and Butch, because they are far from a match made in heaven.
Hunter: No, no.... Ham and Grace had a synchronicity that is tough to deny. Of course, more will be revealed about the conflict between Ham and Grace. All of the relationships on our show are unpredictable. 

TVGuide.com: An overarching story for this run of episodes involves Leon Cooley. I trust it's not as simple a situation as he and Grace sharing the same guardian angel? There's something deeper going on?
Hunter: I don't want to give it away, but Leon Cooley figures mightily into the second half of this season. 

TVGuide.com: Does he represent a mission that Grace has to fulfill?
Hunter: A bit, yeah. 

TVGuide.com: You must have been happy to see your "daughter" [from The Piano], Anna Paquin, win a Golden Globe last month [for her role on True Blood].
Hunter: It was so great. She's grown up into such a beautiful woman. Sometimes it can be a difficult transition, from a marvelous child actor to a marvelous adult actress, and she's done it so gracefully. She has made some really, really cool-headed choices. She moved from New Zealand to Hollywood.... It's all been a big, long trip for her. She's a wonderful actress. 

TVGuide.com: Speaking of The Piano, have you had a chance to catch Harvey Keitel on Life on Mars?
Hunter: No, no, I haven't seen it. Harvey's not going to do anything but interesting work, you know? He's one of the greats. You're not going to get anybody better than Harvey.