On the second day of my Holiday Gift Guide
There are more TV shows on DVD
That ya'll need to find under your tree!


The X-Files: The Complete Collector's Edition- Now, I wouldn't call myself a collector, but I dug this show in a big ol' way. And how could you not? David Duchovny has never been cooler, Gillian Anderson gets hotter as the seasons go on (the red hair simmas down, too) and the mythology is relatively easy to follow. And this set? Forget. About. IT! When they say "complete," they ain't messin' around. Each season has a "making-of" featurette, there's a 60-page episode guide and the deleted scenes are to die for. Oh, and the "Fight the Future" movie is in there, so you get the whole continuity thing. Honestly, this is one of those sets that every company should check out when planning full-show releases. Just be careful. Once you start sorting through the 201 episodes for one of those couch-devouring "favorite moments" screening binges, you may lose time faster than an abductee. Trust me, last weekend is gone and the truth about where it went is really out there.
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NewsRadio - All five seasons are available. Go get them, give them to someone you love and then ask if you can borrow them. Simply one of the most underrated sitcoms of the '90s and the best way to remind yourself of why Phil Hartman will always be missed. Also, a great chance to see the last time Maura Tierney cracked a smile before moving on to meaner pastures at ER.
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The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
- Remember when NBC at 11:30 didn't suck? When Johnny was the man of the late-night hour? Sure, that was like a gazillion years ago, but the Heeere's Johnny: The Definitive DVD Collection from the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson is absolutely timeless. A treasure for anyone who ever begged their parents to stay up late so they could see the funny skinny guy's monologue, the set is both stunningly mastered and jam-packed with the types of TV nuggets that will be beloved way after Leno's done Jay-walking or whatever it is he does these days. (Honestly, I had to look away back in 2003). And since the writers'strike has pretty much crippled late-night these days, how great would it be to have this massive trove to fill in the blanks? Must-see moment: Bette Midler's penultimate-episode appearance. Classy, cute and unforgettable. Just like Johnny.
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Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 3
- Most folks remember this as the year that "Donna Martin graduates!" but I will forever adore this just-released season as the one where Brenda embraced the dark side. Burned by the Dylan-Kellly dalliance and totally petulant in her perfectly Doherty way, the Minnesota spitfire utters my favorite 90210 line of all-time after learning of the betrayal. "I hate you both. Never talk to me again!" Oh my god, it's like dirty talk. And I have to watch it at least once a week, because the doctors say I'll die if I don't.
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The Best of Crank Yankers- Because I loves me some cussin' puppets, this single-disc collection is a sinfully delicious godsendand a prime example of why we can never have enough Tracy Morgan, Sarah Silverman and Wanda Sykes. More than 50 bits of their potty-mouthed muppets-on-Meth letting their plush fingers do the walking, the set is even more of a hoot than the Comedy Central versions because it's UNCENSORED!! That means no bleeps when Special Ed makes his demented "I got mail!" call or when Gladys rings up in some unsuspecting sap to rail at him for doing her wrong. So $@*% Santa and his "naughty" list. If you know someone with a raunchy sense of humor (hello, Andrew Fabian), this here needs to be stuffed in their stocking.
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OK, so you have your homework. Go get your friends and family some nifty DVD sets before they sell out and you're forced to give slipper socks again.

Next week: The Gift Guide that keeps on giving goes three-for-three. Until then, don't hog the remote and ease up on the eggnog. That shizz is nasty.