Randy Randy

Randy Senna is something of a local celebrity in the resort town of Wildwood, N.J., where he once ran a boardwalk game center called Flipper's Fascination. He's been the subject of profiles and a forthcoming documentary, in which he's generally regarded as an eccentric. Now, it turns out — at least according to Hoarders (Monday, 9/8c, A&E), he's a hoarder. You know how it goes: the medium is the diagnosis.

VIDEO: Hoarders' Roy hoards cars, accomplishments

On this week's program, we get a peek into his psyche: as a child outcast, he turned inward and envisioned an amusement park in which he would be star character a la Mickey Mouse. The unrealized Randyland was to feature several mannequins supposedly built in Senna's likeness. They're part of his stockpile, thus Senna is effectively hoarding himself. Just when you think you've seen everything there is to hoard, a new episode of this show airs.

VIDEO: Won't somebody please think of the hoarding children?

Watch Randy talk about his hoard: