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The end of a reality era is upon us. Lauren Conrad has announced this upcoming season of The Hills (premiering Monday, April 6, 10 pm/ET, MTV) will be her last. TVGuide.com caught up with Lo Bosworth, Conrad's best bud and roommate, to get the scoop on their final season and why the finale won't disappoint the fans.

TVGuide.com: What are you up to this season?
Lo Bosworth: I graduated in June, and The Hills is my job, but I've been looking for other stuff just to fill the time. I work for a cosmetics line now. You will get to see me at work. I love makeup and want to have my own line some day, so it's the perfect job for me. I went to UCLA and was an art history major, so I was into the art scene, fashion and the whole thing, so it's a perfect fit. Sometimes I read the message boards and everyone's like, "What does Lo do? She doesn't have a job."

TVGuide.com: Will we finally get to see you dating at all this season?
Lo: I don't ever really date on the show. It's something I talked to the producers about back when I was doing Laguna Beach and said this is part of my life that I don't want to have on TV. For me, I'm comfortable being a secondary character on the show. I want to have a career afterwards and the less people know about me, the easier it will be to branch into something else afterward. So I try to keep my really private life private and to myself.

TVGuide.com: I hear you and Lauren moved out of your house?
Lo: It was kind of a nightmare to live on that street. There was constant paparazzi, tour buses came by twice a day and we had such problems with our neighbors because of that. We never had loud and crazy parties, but they all had kids. I understand why they got pissed with all these people on their street. What used to be a quiet neighborhood turned into a spectacle. And we didn't feel very safe there, so we moved into a high-rise building on the West Side with full security, and [we] feel a lot safer. It's Lauren and I, and a third roommate, Maura. She's one of our best friends from growing up. But she's not on the show.

TVGuide.com: Are we going to see a lot of Lauren's relationship with Kyle Howard?
Lo: That wasn't included in the show. Kyle is an actor, so there's no way he can be on a reality show. He has contracts with networks, so there are certain lines like that which cannot be crossed. And there's a huge difference with reality TV and real television shows. If you want to be a real actor, you're not going to put yourself on reality TV because then your craft is questioned, and they think you're doing it for the fame. He's had a pretty long career, so for him, it's not the right move.

TVguide.com: Based on the trailer for the new season, it seems as though a lot of loose ends will be tied up.
I think so. There are a few events that haven't happened yet, and I know they are going to be included in the show, so we have to see how those things play out. But I truly think it is going to come full circle where everybody grows up and comes together. And like any popular show on TV, you want to end it on a high note. So I think it's going to end in a good way that everyone's happy with.