Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Heidi Montag, <EM>The Hills</EM> Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Heidi Montag, The Hills

Rosie O'Donnell versus Donald Trump. The Celebrity Apprentice's Omarosa versus Piers Morgan. TV is known for its famous feuds, and as the 4.7 million fans who tuned in to the midseason premiere of MTV's reality hit The Hills (Mondays at 10 pm/ET, MTV) can attest, the trouble between Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag is shaping up to be the best prime-time battle yet. Things have been icy between the former roommates since last year (when Heidi and her boyfriend Spencer Pratt reportedly leaked to the press that Lauren had made a sex tape). And in the next two weeks, it gets worse. The bad blood begins again as Heidi reaches out to Lauren's roommate Audrina Patridge. Meanwhile, Lauren befriends Stephanie Pratt, Spencer's sister and Heidi's pal. Heidi doesn't think that's a coincidence: "That is a war move. I don't think she randomly likes Stephanie." For her part, Lauren is miffed about Audrina hanging with Heidi. "It's a difficult situation," Lauren says. "There are some trust issues there." Lauren and Co. stepped away from the drama long enough to give us the lowdown on what's coming next and how they really feel about each other.

Lauren "LC" Conrad
The scoop: "Lauren's popularity stems from the fact that she is 'every girl,'" says exec producer Adam DiVello. "Viewers relate to her problems with friends and relationships because they are universal." Off screen, she just had the first runway show for her clothing line, the Lauren Conrad Collection.
Her friends and enemies: Roommates Lauren "Lo" Bosworth and Audrina, work friend Whitney Port and new pal Stephanie are in her corner. She's still giving Heidi and Spencer the cold shoulder.
The latest drama: "I don't want to judge people by their siblings," Lauren tells TV Guide about bonding with Spencer's sister Stephanie. "You don't choose who you're related to. So I wasn't going to be rude to her just because of who her brother is." And while Heidi makes one last stab at mending fences on April 21, she shouldn't hold her breath. "I don't see that happening," Lauren says. "It doesn't have anything to do with who she chooses to be with. It's about something that she did to me."

Heidi Montag
The scoop: Heidi and onetime fiancé-turned-manager Spencer are trying to work on their relationship. She'll go head-to-head with Lauren again when she launches her clothing line, Heidiwood, April 15. Plus, her second single, "No More," was released on iTunes on March 25.
Her friends and enemies: Spencer and Stephanie are on her side. Lauren is enemy No. 1, and Lo's not so crazy about her, either.
The latest drama: Heidi's tired of being the bad guy. "She's trying to get back in with the girls," reveals DiVello. "She reconnects with Audrina." As for Lauren: "I think it's insanity that she's friends with Stephanie and not with me," Heidi says. And while the break from Spencer was Heidi's idea, she gets jealous when he flirts with other girls in the April 14 episode. "It just made me really mad when I saw him with other girls because I would never do that to him. Regardless of what happens, I still love Spencer, and that kind of love is special and rare."

Audrina Patridge
The scoop: Audrina's man problems are sec­ond only to Lauren's. Plus, the aspiring actress got some unwanted attention recently when nude photos she took nearly five years ago hit the Internet.
Her friends and enemies: Everyone likes her, but she's negotiating a slippery slope between Team Lauren and Team Heidi.
The latest drama: "I'm friends with Heidi," Audrina admits. "I know Lauren doesn't like that, and I understand how she feels. But at the end of the day, it's not my place to fight someone's battles for them." Things get so tense that in the April 21 episode Lauren questions if she should keep living with Audrina. Audrina's dating a new guy named Bernard. But on April 21, ex Justin Bobby returns. "He's a changed man, physically and emotionally," DiVello says.

Spencer Pratt
The scoop: Spencer cuts off disloyal friends faster than the Godfather. Just ask longtime buddy Brody Jenner, who's been out in the cold since Brody hooked up with Lauren around the same time she started feuding with Spencer and Heidi. He's also a mogul in the making and is guiding Heidi's career. "What people don't understand about Spencer is that he's a genius," Heidi gushes.
His friends and enemies: Stephanie and Heidi are the only ones on his side.
The latest drama: "I hope Lauren will be a better friend to Stephanie than she has been to the rest of her friends," Spencer says, "and that she isn't trying to manipulate Stephanie to get back at me and Heidi." He still wants his relationship with Heidi to work out: "She's supportive, understanding and incredibly strong."

Stephanie Pratt
The scoop: A Hills newbie, she's Spen­cer's sister and a student at L.A.'s Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, where she pops up in a class with Lauren. Future goal: to start a handbag line.
Her friends and enemies: She's tight with Spencer, Heidi and, to everyone's shock, Lauren. Stephanie hasn't made any enemies yet, but give her time.
The latest drama: Stephanie is in a prime position to become the first sacrificial lamb in the Lauren-Heidi feud. She thinks her friendship with Lauren makes sense. "We have a lot in common, even more so than she and Heidi did. We go to the same school and both want to be fashion designers," Stephanie explains. "It puts me in an awkward position with my brother, but hopefully he'll get past it."

Whitney Port
The scoop: She's Lauren's friend and coworker. Her clothing line, Eve & A, hits stores in August. "I consider it funky, sophis­ticated cocktail wear," she says.
Her friends and enemies: She and Lauren are super-tight. "We can truly be honest with each other without being harsh," Whitney says.
The latest drama: Whitney has a no-drama policy. "From the beginning, I set clear boundaries with the producers," she explains. "I don't feel particularly comfortable with revealing my romantic endeavors in front of cameras." This season, Whitney ditched Teen Vogue for a new job at People's Revolution PR. And on the April 14 episode, she helps get Lauren a gig there, too.

Brody Jenner
The scoop: He and Lauren run in the same social circles and briefly dated.
His friends and enemies: Everyone likes Brody (though Lauren's a little pissed at him) except for Spencer. The former pals haven't spoken since last year. "But they could be buddies by the end of the season," teases DiVello.
The latest drama: Things got awkward when Lauren left town to go to Paris for one week and Brody fell for model Cora Skinner. And while Lauren may say she's turning her focus to work, Brody is one boy who's hard to forget. "Obviously, he wasn't into her that seriously," explains Audrina. "Lauren's the kind of girl who wants what she can't have. And Brody's the one guy she can't have."

Lauren "Lo" Bosworth
The scoop: Lo, an art history major at UCLA, has been BFFs with Lauren since they were kids.
Her friends and enemies: Lo just moved to L.A. from Laguna Beach, California, and fits in seamlessly with Lauren's crew. She's conflict-free — at least for now — but she'll smack down anyone who messes with Lauren.
The latest drama: Lo backs up Lauren when Lauren takes issue with Audrina hanging out with Heidi. But she's quick to call Lauren out when she thinks Lauren's wrong to become friends with Stephanie. "When Stephanie becomes friends with Lauren, Audrina and I aren't totally OK with that," Lo says. "We have a few trust issues with Stephanie.

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