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"Hidden Fences" Made Another Unfortunate Appearance at the Oscars and Twitter Responded Accordingly

Who made the flub this time?

Amanda Bell

"Hidden Fences" made another unfortunate cameo at the Oscars Sunday night.

At the Golden Globes red carpet show, host Jenna Bush made the mistake of congratulating Pharrell Williams on his involvement with "Hidden Fences," which was a regrettable combination of the Best Picture nominees Hidden Figuresand Fencesand sparked a bit of outrage over the fact that she'd mistakenly combined the two predominantly black character-centered film stories. Bush later apologized on the Todayshow for her flub, but many suspected it might not be the last time we'd hear of Hidden Fences this awards season.

Alas, at the Oscars it happened again.

On the red carpet, People editor-in-chief Jess Cagle once again brought up the nonexistent film during a conversation about the prevalence of diversity in nominated films, saying "you just happen to have these extraordinary movies like Hidden Fences and Moonlight ..." He quickly corrected his error in the same breath, but for some, the damage was already done (again).

Some on Twitter were irked, but not exactly surprised by the mistake.

Others regarded it as an unforgivable and telling "mistake."

Others still thought that maybe it was time to start combining other film title names as retribution for the continued error.

There were also a few who started devising some pitches as to what a Hidden Fences movie might actually be like, should it exist.

Let's hope this is the last we hear of it.