While this show was on hiatus, I completely forgot about the gross-out factor and that I can't eat while watching this. But noshing on some ice cream while they discuss partially digested human remains and bear excrement was a quick reminder. I sure am glad that this show is back  I missed the odd subject matter and the witty dialogue and sexual tension. I thought it was great that Temperance's boss thinks she should loosen up a little bit. But the good Dr. Bones questioned his motives for shipping her off to WashingtonState. "Are you suggesting that I take this opportunity to have sex with Booth on a field trip?" Well, she doesn't hook up with Booth, but there is a bit of a lingering question about whether she hooked up with that shipping Charlie  how else did she know so much about his thigh muscles? Or was she just checking them out for future reference? Plus, this show is educational. I never knew that an animal autopsy was called a necropsy. Cool. I've also missed Temp's complete ignorance of pop-culture references like Hannibal Lecter or The Blair Witch Project comments that come up while she and Booth are investigating a cannibalism case. Oh, and the look on the two lab techs' faces when they discovered the sexy new courier they were both "zooming" was more interested in Angela than either of them? Priceless.