A longtime member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has committed suicide, The Wrap reports.

Max B. Miller's body was found Monday night by his friend, Claire Brunel, a day after the organization's annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony. Brunel told a friend that she found Miller lying on his bed with a gun in his hand, according to The Wrap.

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An HFPA rep confirmed the death, but said it had not been ruled a suicide. However, the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office told The Wrap that Miller had killed himself.A photographer who was in his 70s, Miller was depressed over his divorce and financial problems, according to the site. He was also denied a spot on the Globes red carpet for his photography syndication service.

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This is the second suicide by an HFPA member in five years. In December 2005, Nick Douglas hanged himself four days before Golden Globe nominations were announced. Douglas had been suspended after selling a photograph of himself with Tom Selleck to a tabloid newspaper and then lying about it. The HFPA has been marred by trouble as of late. Last week, former publicist Michael Russell sued the organization, accusing it of payola. The HFPA is also locked in a battle with Globes producer Dick Clark Productions over broadcast rights.