Everyone's favorite football head is returning to television!

Nickelodeon is developing a new Hey Arnold TV movie that will take place shortly after the show's 2004 series finale, Variety reports.

The new movie will explore some loose ends the show left, including the details behind the mystery of Arnold's parents. Through the series' run, Arnold lived with his grandparents in the boarding house they ran, and his parents were shown just once, in the show's "Parents Day" special in 2000.

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Hey Arnold is one of several shows that Nickelodeon could turn into TV movies, following the success of its Splat block of classic shows. The show originally ran between 1996 and 2004. Arnold also starred in a feature film in 2002.

Since we don't know yet when the movie will air, relive the joy of the show's opening credits below:

Are you happy about more Hey Arnold? What do you want to see in the movie?