Zachary Quinto by Paul Drinkwater and Chris Haston/NBC Zachary Quinto by Paul Drinkwater and Chris Haston/NBC

Serial killer Sylar will return this season to Heroes during its highly anticipated two-hour premiere. But, will we see more of his pre-evil alter ego, Gabriel Gray?

According to Zachary Quinto, he'd love to see as much of Sylar's background as possible. He confirmed that Gray will return this season, revisiting the "shades of that character as you first saw him."

The first time we learned of Sylar's past was in the first season's episode "Six Months Ago" in which Chandra Suresh tells watch repairman Gray that he may have super powers. When Gray learns of his real power, which is stealing other people's abilities, he uses them to kill off other "heroes." Suresh figures out Sylar's killing streak and becomes one of his victims.

In "Volume 3: Villains," creator Tim Kring intimates that by using Gray, the show will continue to "peel the layers off of that onion as long as this character exists on the show."

Do you want to see a softer side of Sylar? Heroes premieres on Sept. 22, at 9 pm/ET on NBC. Erin Fox

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