Kristen Bell, Heroes Kristen Bell, Heroes

Kristen Bell may have appeared on just one episode of Heroes so far this season,  but it wasn't the last we'll be seeing of Elle Bishop — nor the last of her confrontations with Sylar.

In her significant, single appearance, Elle managed to take down the show's big baddie. "I felt really good!," Bell said of her character's bold move. She spoke with at Hollywood Life Magazine's 5th annual Hollywood Style Awards on Sunday, where she was presenting her own stylist, Nicole Chavez, with an award.

Yet, the actress is even more excited about the intrigue and revelations to come. "I have a lot more interaction with him [Sylar], which is great for me, because Zach Quinto is a very dear friend," she said. "This year's storyline for me was so exciting, because they did a lot of flashbacks, and they interwove my storyline previously with other characters, so I realized that I'm a more important character than I anticipated."

This new importance will also hinge on the jobless, fatherless Elle's new agenda: Avenging her father. Asked if she'll be back with a mission, Bell grinned: "Absolutely!"

Should Elle seek revenge for her father's death? How will her return affect Mama Petrelli's Company coup? Do you think she'll be able to take Sylar down again — this time, for good?

Adam Bryant contributed additional reporting.