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Watch the Exclusive Extended Trailer for Heroes Reborn

Plus: Scoop on the show's video game tie-in

Jessica Roy

NBC is rebooting a beloved fan favorite this fall: Heroes Reborn, a retooling of the original series Heroes, will take place a year after a disaster decimates the city of Odessa, Texas. On Sunday afternoon, the creator and cast came together for a special Q&A session and a look at the extended trailer at Comic-Con.

Before the panel began, creator Tim Kring came out and spoke to the crowd. "This isn't supposed to happen, where you get a second bite at the apple," Kring said. "Nine years ago we came here with a reel of film and a dream. ... We've had a long rest, a good night's sleep, and we're ready to save the world again."

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He announced that in addition to the 13-episode miniseries, they would have two videogames, an app, a web series, and six "e-novellas" about the extended world of the show. The videogames will fill in the gaps in the five years that have chronologically taken place between the end of the first series and the start of Reborn. The e-books will give background for the new characters. And the app will host Dark Matters, a web-only series that will tell the story of two characters who will eventually be on Reborn.

Then he showed two videos: One that was a preview of the videogames and one that was a preview for Dark Matters.

After that, the panel began. It consisted of creator Tim Kring and new cast members Zachary Levi, Robbie Kay, Kiki Sukezane, Ryan Guzman, Gatlin Green, Henry Zebrowski, Judith Shekoni, Danika Yarosh, and Rya Kihlstedt, along with returning Heroes stars Jack Coleman and Greg Grunberg. Grunberg moderated the panel.

At the end of the original series of Heroes, Claire Bennett (Hayden Panettiere's character) exposed her power to the world, alerting the global population to the existence of real-life superheroes. Now, half a decade later, the rate of "evolved humans," or Evos, is skyrocketing, and they're facing increased stigma from the government and the "non-evolved."

Kring said it was important for them to retain the original mythos of the series. "The canon of the show remains intact," Kring explained. "It's very true to the mythology and the core canon of the show. We aren't deviating from anything."

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Grunberg introduced the new extended trailer they were premiering in the panel. Watch:

Heroes Reborn premieres Thursday, Sept. 24 at 8/7c on NBC.