Heroes, Knight Rider Heroes, Knight Rider

Some of this TV season's "bubble shows" are starting to pop, while others continue to ride the fence — or even safely hop off.

Case in point: Despite sagging ratings and amid backstage upheavals, Heroes will fight another day. The Peacock's onetime pride and joy is likely to return in the fall for 18 to 20 episodes, NBC entertainment president Angela Bromstad told the Hollywood Reporter, though an actual pick-up order has yet to be placed.

One thing playing in Heroes' favor is that it performs well for NBC overseas. "Every single place you go has heard about Heroes — whether you're in China or Japan or Russia," Bromstad notes. (Are Peter and Nathan subtitled when Heroes plays in Tokyo? Discuss.)

Heroes could be paired on Mondays with Day One, a serialized drama pilot about the survivors of a catastrophic event.

On the other hand, Knight Rider will not be returning for another spin in the fall, sources tell TVGuide.com. The reboot of 1980s series drew just 5.76 million viewers with its Wednesday-night finale, a 21 percent drop-off from its September premiere. And this despite some retooling along the way.

An NBC rep had no comment on KITT's rumored garaging.