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As his life hung in the balance on last week's Heroes, Hiro was confronted by the important characters from his past in his subconscious. Well, most of those people.

Missing in action, of course, was Charlie (Jayma Mays), his significant other who is lost in time. But, with three episodes left in the season, that doesn't mean a reunion for the pair is out of the cards yet.

"Let's put it this way: He has to find Charlie and it will be resolved by the Winter Olympics," Masi Oka tells "I can't say what kind of reunion it will be, but there will be a resolution. Whether it's good or not, the audience will have to decide. But it won't just be talked about — like, 'Oh well, she's lost in time. Too bad!'"

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With Mays starring on Glee, getting her back has been tricky, but Oka says he likes the direction Hiro's arc has taken because of the schedule conflicts. "Everybody wants them back together, but I'm very happy with the stuff he got to do this season," he says. "I think having the brain tumor, dealing with that and Charlie were two great things that Hiro had in terms of a dramatic [story line]. It was very challenging. I would say this is my second favorite creative season for Hiro."Hiro's brain tumor story line and his quest to find Suresh (

Sendhil Ramamurthy) will also be tied up by the end of the season, which culminates in an epic showdown between the Heroes as Samuel (Robert Knepper) continues to divide the group. "Hiro will see Samuel again," Oka says. "He'll be a little bit involved with the carnival story line, but he's not too involved in the big showdown."The clash will close the Redemption volume, but will open a whole new set of questions, Oka says, thereby necessitating another season to answer them. While he acknowledges Heroes' ratings have dwindled considerably since its robust first season, Oka says the show deserves at least one more season — for the fans.

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"I haven't gotten any word on a renewal, but everyone agrees the show does deserve a proper ending, just because we want to pay homage to fans who have stuck with us from the beginning," he says. "Nothing is 100 percent guaranteed in television. Maybe they get amazing pilots. Hopefully it won't be like the X-Files where we need a movie to wrap things up. My hope is to have a finite end date, like Lost, or they give the writers the chance to wrap up everything and know they're going to be done."And so where does he ultimately see Hiro ending up?"I've always believed that if he becomes Future Hiro, there are no more stories to tell because it's hard to grow with that character," Oka says. "I think that's why the writers prolonged it as much as possible, but I think if we know there's an end in sight, I think it'd be fun to just take him over the edge and turn him into Future Hiro and end it that way. The best ending for him would be to go back in time and revisit his love for Charlie over and over again and live in that infinite loop."