Jimmy Jean-Louis, Heroes Jimmy Jean-Louis, Heroes

What really lurks beneath The Haitian's cool exterior on Heroes? Jimmy Jean-Louis tells TVGuide.com that more details will emerge about the mysterious man who manipulates memories.

"We will get to know him in Haiti, get to know his brother, get to know him," Jean-Louis promised during a launch party for Gears of War 2. But he also lamented how little we still actually know about the Haitian as a person. "Does he have a girl? Does he have a few girls? Kids?" Jean-Louis asked.

"Down the line, it would be nice to have a storyline that makes him a little bit more human. Because he's very intriguing, but we don't know what he's up to when he's finished erasing people's minds. It's like, where does he go? Does he go to a club? Does he party all night long?" the actor chuckled. "It would be nice to answer all those questions."

Yet, Jean-Louis knows that finding answers for his alter-ego will have its challenges, particularly after the recent firing of two series producers. "It will take, obviously, excellent writers to write the storylines in such a way that it's not boring. Because the character is so well written so far that it's going to take genius to keep writing The Haitian in a very good way."

Jean-Louis has a few suggestions for the "genius" who may step in, and they echo what many of you are saying. "I'd definitely say, less action, and let's concentrate more on the characters," he said. "In the first season, we had a lot of storylines. And then, from time to time you had an action, and that's what got people hooked. But now it seems to be a little too much action, like you expect it. Every minute, there's some hero exercising his power. We have to reduce that a little bit, so when it comes, it surprises people."

What kind of role do you think The Haitian should play in future episodes? What advice would you give the incoming "genius"?