<EM>Heroes: Volume One</EM> Heroes: Volume One

"A mere television show couldn't contain us." So says actor Masi Oka in his introduction to the new hardcover book Heroes: Volume One, which compiles all 34 of the online graphic novels posted at NBC.com during the first season of the show (Mondays at 9 pm/ET, NBC). The actor, like his time-stopping character Hiro Nakamura, was raised on Japanese graphic novels — known as mangas — and is still crazy in love with the form.

"As we grow, become adults and gain responsibility, mangas are where I can find sanctuary and still be a kid," Oka writes. "Imagination flows and it's a comfort to know that there are many, many others out there — from all walks of life — enjoying the same experience."

The collection is published by the DC Comics imprint WildStorm and is available in two different covers by comics icons Jim Lee and Alex Ross. It also includes all of Tim Sale's artwork from the series.

Season 2 graphic novels are now posting weekly at NBC.com/heroes, expanding the fan experience with plot scoops not seen on air. This week's novel looks at a future where the Shanti virus has swept across America and features Howard Lemay (a new character introduced in last night's episode, played by Mark Harelik), who is seeking sanctuary with his family at a quarantine site.

Later this month, watch for details on DL's heroic — but tragic — career as a fireman trainee (Nov. 12), a flashback about young West and his "bagging and tagging" by HRG (Nov. 19), and even heroes doing their thing during the Revolutionary War (Nov. 26)!

"There still are more stories to tell, that we wanted to tell but couldn't given the [TV] medium," notes Oka in his intro. "Fortunately, we can share and expand through a different medium."

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