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Last week brought a major twist for Heroes' Daphne. Apparently, in the future she trades her track pants for some (gasp) mom jeans — and she's also out for Peter's head. Spunky series newcomer Brea Grant tried to make sense of it all and reveals a few things to watch for. (Hint: Keep an eye out for the Speedster's most prized possession.) NBC's Heroes airs Mondays at 9 pm/ET. — Sara Scott When you got the role, did you know that you were going to be this deeply involved in the story?
Brea Grant: I had an idea because when I screen tested, it was with Masi Oka and Greg Grunberg. So I did know that [Matt] was going to be my soul mate, but that's about it. Will we see how Daphne and Parkman fall in love?
Grant: You'll definitely see more of them [together]. The dream you saw in the last episode motivates him to search for her. They're going to meet up in the near future, actually. Is it safe to assume that he does not find her by following a turtle through the desert?
Grant: You'd be surprised. The turtle may not lead him there, but it's around for a long time. I will tell you, that turtle outlasts a lot of cast members. Future Daphne seems a lot more mellow than the thief Hiro has been chasing. Will there be friction when Parkman doesn't find the Daphne he's expecting?
Grant: He's a little thrown. We definitely seem like opposites at this point in time. Daphne is very playful, but she has to make some hard decisions about where her life is going, so she may calm down a bit. She sees all these things happen involving the formula and she has to make decisions about who she ends up with – which may or may not be the future that you saw. Is the formula Mohinder created using Maya's tears different than what's on the papers Daphne's been stealing?
Grant: There's no way I can tell you that. It seems that the people we've come to know as heroes could turn out to be villains. Does that mean Daphne might actually be one of the good guys?
Grant: Daphne is a villain only in that she has a purpose and it's hurting one of the people we know as a hero. She may be a little untrustworthy, but she's not going around killing people. So when she held a knife to Ando's throat, she wouldn't have really hurt him?
Grant: [Laughs] Daphne is a girl who has a different set of rules than we have. She feels like she has to do what she has to do to get the life she wants. So while she wouldn't have killed him, she would have put him in a lot of pain... in order to make sure that she got her way. And she would feel a little bad about it later. And by "getting her way," you mean… money? She didn't appear to be very emotion-driven at the time.
Grant: Actually, you'll find out that she is emotionally invested in, as well as being paid for, what she's doing. Is that why she was so hung up on the track medal? Wouldn't winning a high school meet be boring for her?
Grant: That would reveal a secret I can't tell you. But it will play a bigger part than people realize. Her motivations for what she's doing are complicated, and some of the decisions she has to make involve who she's working for. Because she's working for… ?
Grant: I can't tell you that! But it's going be cool. You find out in [this week's] episode. And of course, it's complicated.