Heroes - Adrian Pasdar Heroes - Adrian Pasdar

Adrian Pasdar has been let go from NBC's Heroes, sources confirm to TVGuide.com.

Reports of a major character's death and departure from the show began circulating last month.

A studio rep for the NBC series would not confirm Pasdar's exit.

This isn't the first time Pasdar's character, Sen. Nathan Petrelli, has been killed off the series. At the end of Season 3, Nathan's throat was slit by Sylar, but Pasdar remained in the cast because the supervillain was forced to take on the guise and memories of the elder Petrelli brother.

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The last time we saw the "new" Nathan, he had been shot by a hit man and unceremoniously buried. Since we're talking about Heroes, whether that's truly the end for Pasdar remains to be seen.

What do you think of Heroes killing off Nathan?

(Additional reporting by Adam Bryant)