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Here's What You Should Watch This Week: Maniac, The Sinner

Plus a show on... Facebook?!?

Tim Surette

Looking for the best new shows on TV this week?

Well look no further because I have combed through all the TV listings, called up network executives, asked my mom and blindly picked out of a hat all the best options for what to watch this week. Whether it's on regular old TV, Netflix or Hulu, or even Facebook (yes, that site you promise to quit every week after your crazy uncle writes about chemtrails), it's right here.

In fact, this week I've actually made a pick from Facebook Watch, which just goes to show you that good television is coming from everywhere. Soon, GoDaddy.com will be making the next great gritty crime drama, and if it's good, I will let you know about it.

Here are the best shows on television this week:

(And as always, if you're looking for more suggestions of what to watch on TV, we have plenty on our Watch This Now! page.)

These Are Your Best Bets for the Week

Netflix; Friday
Everything else on television goes down a peg on the insanity level with the latest from Cary Fukunaga (True Detective, the good season, not that Season 2 garbage) that stars bona fide movie celebs Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. Maniac -- about a mind-mapping drug trial in an alternative Earth future -- is unabashedly weird and on its own planet, so much so that some viewers will immediately be turned off while others will salivate over its visual storytelling. Count me in the latter, as I can't wait to finish this blurb and watch more. This is Fukunaga at his best; imagine 2001: A Space Odyssey, Brazil and Legion having a baby. And Stone is electric. It doesn't always make sense or try to make sense, but that's part of its charm.

Sorry for Your Loss
Facebook Watch; Tuesday, 9ET/6PT
When Facebook isn't eavesdropping on your conversations in order to splash targeted ads all over your feed, it's making television shows. We're not surprised if you didn't know that, since Facebook Watch hasn't produced much worth paying attention to yet. That changes with Sorry for Your Loss, which brings a big name in Elizabeth Olsen to a fledgling TV venture that badly needs one. The series is a half-hour drama about a woman (Olsen) coping with the death of her husband and is Facebook's first shot at TV legitimacy. Yep, it will be sad, but as is the case with all healing, it's about the triumph that ultimately occurs. (Trailer)

Facebook Watch Tries to Go Legit with Sorry for Your Loss

The Sinner, Season 2 Finale
USA; Wednesday, 10/9c
This season may not have been as bonkers as Season 1 -- what happened to the incest, show? -- but a Sinner finale always has plenty of crazy questions to answer before it ends. Who killed Marin? Where is Julian? Did Carrie Coon make the right choice to follow her incredible turns on Fargo and The Leftovers with a stint on this series? (Trailer)

Snowfall, Season 2 Finale
FX, Thursday, 10/9c
This show doesn't get a whole lot of love from the media, but Snowfall has been quietly chugging along as one of cable's better crime dramas. Set in mid-1980s South Central Los Angeles during the start of the crack cocaine epidemic, Snowfall follows a young man as he tries to make that money, honey. In the finale, Franklin heads to jail, and several lives hang in the balance. It will not go well for everyone. (Trailer)

Fox; Sunday, 10/9c
If your brain needs a bit of a rest, give this easily digestible procedural that follows first responders a chance. 9-1-1 is another of Ryan Murphy's shows, but it's his most grounded by a million miles. Peter Krause stars as a fireman and Angela Bassett plays a cop, and they both take emergency calls inspired by real-life hard-to-believe incidents, like a floating bounce house or a newborn stuck in a sewage pipe. Plus, one of the main characters had a chunk of rebar go through his skull in the first season. It's cool, he survived. Jennifer Love Hewitt joins the cast of Season 2 (Trailer)

9-1-1's Craziest Emergencies So Far, and the YouTube Vids That Inspired Them

The Good Cop
Netflix; Friday
Isn't it time for a nice cop show?
Monkcreator Andy Breckman gets back to old-fashioned detective work with this breezy light drama, but more importantly, Tony Danza stars in it! He plays a disgraced cop looking to repair his image, so he consults with the NYPD and is partnered up with his son (played by Josh Groban)!!! Only on television! The good guys catch the bad guys and nothing too terrible ever happens. Take note, every other cop show out there! (Trailer)

The Big Release You Should Know About but Don't Necessarily Have to Watch

NBC; Monday, Sept. 24
Remember the golden years of overambitious science-fiction television on broadcast networks when everyone tried out a big mystery show that ended up getting canceled before a satisfying answer could ever be given? NBC does, and is giving that genre another shot with Manifest, another WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON series about a commercial airliner that reappears after going missing for several years. The passengers (including Josh Dallas) are all the same age as they were when they disappeared, while everyone back home went on with their lives. That's going to cause some problem, methinks. (Trailer)

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