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Here's What We're Watching This Week

We've got recommendations for you!

Tim Surette

We here at TV Guide try to stay on top of all the hot, new shows, but like you, we're also at the mercy of nonstop onslaught of television that comes out every week and constantly catching up on what we missed. And because there's nothing like a good word-of-mouth recommendation of what to watch, we thought we'd share what's been on our tubes this week.

Each week, we'll poll the office to see what everyone's been watching and pass those suggestions along. Or, you know, if you just want to see what's up with our personal lives, we'll throw in some of that too.

If you're looking for even more recommendations, head over to our Watch This Now! page, where we'll regularly update our running list of all the best stuff on TV that you should be watching.

​To All the Boys I've Loved Before

To All the Boys I've Loved Before


To All the Boys I've Loved Before
Yes, I know you've heard the hype, but in these dark, dark, times I've taken to watching Netflix's latest rom-com film like most people re-watch The Office, popping it on as I get ready for bed and fall asleep. I'm officially up to five full watches, which is insane. Sometimes I just skip to my favorite parts ("That's a cool trick, right? Want to see me do it again?," or the hot tub scene because, duh). Lana Condor is almost unbearably adorable as Lara Jean, and she takes me back to my awkward high school days. And let's face it, Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) is everyone's new favorite dream boy, even if you feel too old to say that out loud. As the news gets more depressing, this beloved 90 minutes of feel-good joy has been getting me through each week. - Megan Vick, Associate Editor

Downton Abbey
When news broke recently that the Downton Abbey movie is about to go into production I thought to myself, "Hey, you just got that snazzy new Amazon Prime account, why not throw it back and watch the Downton pilot?" Several hours, quite a few devastating deaths and two babies later, I'm at the end of Season 3 wondering if I need to reexamine my life choices. In spite of the inconvenient eavesdropping and overblown etiquette (and sometimes because of them), Downton Abbey seriously holds up over time. The Crawley family has a way of sucking you in and almost making you wish for a time when wearing a dinner jacket instead of tails to an evening soiree was the the worst thing that could happen to the family reputation -- outside of marrying the chauffeur or getting caught with a dead Turkish diplomat in your bed, of course. - Lindsay MacDonald, News Writer

Lodge 49
It's September, which means most of my free time is spent watching baseball or college football. However, in between yelling about the collapse of the Indians' bullpen or cheering because the Buckeyes finally have a QB who can pass, I've been bingeing Lodge 49. Like many other TV critics and journalists, I don't know how to describe this little-watched AMC series other than to say it's incredible. It gives off a vibe reminiscent of FX's Terriers, but it's also not at all like Terriers. It's a show that kind of defies description. The only thing I know for sure is that I love it and will be sad to see it go simply because people aren't even aware it exists. - Kaitlin Thomas, Senior Editor

Having checked out the pilot last season and leaving unimpressed, I slept on this wacky show about two guys hustling in the ad business in Detroit. But on the recommendations of others, I gave it another shot and OH MY GOD this could be Comedy Central's best show. Tim Robinson (SNL) and Sam Richardson (Veep) have a buddy comedy thing going that's special, and there's something wonderful about the cast being predominantly black and race being an issue -- but not everything -- that really reflects the real Detroit. But I'm particularly in awe at the flow of the show, which rarely ends a scene without a throwaway joke that keeps the laughs coming. - Tim Surette, Senior Editor

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