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<p>Hilda </p>


Netflix's recently renewed series Hilda may have been created for children, but it's an enchanting watch for adults, too. The dreamily animated show's eponymous heroine is a curious, blue-haired adventurer who moves with her mother and her deerfox, Twig, to Trolberg, where she discovers there's more to the town than meets the eye. In stories that call to mind the films of Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki, Hilda crosses paths with all sorts of fantastical creatures inspired by Scandinavian folklore. The British-Canadian cartoon is based on the graphic novel series by Luke Pearson, who previously storyboarded episodes of Adventure Time, fans of which might find similar elements of whimsy and surrealism at play here. Its telling may be gentle, but this magical story is more than a little dangerous.. - Noelene Clark, Managing Editor

Roswell, New Mexico
Full disclosure: I've been dreading Roswell, New Mexico because like most people I'm very fatigued with the reboot and revival cycle of television right now. But I got to see the pilot at NYCC this weekend and was very pleasantly surprised. Am I just easily swayed by Nathan Parsons' face? Maybe, but I'm genuinely anxious to see Episode 2 and find out more about these ridiculously attractive aliens. - Megan Vick, Associate Editor

NBC's Lost-style drama is the most-watched new broadcast series of the season so far, and that might be because it's a little bit better than the rest. Manifest is basically three shows in one: a supernatural mystery about a plane that vanished into thin air then reappeared five years later with everyone onboard and why the passengers are having psychic episodes that are drawing them together in perplexing ways; a conspiracy thriller about the cover-up by people who know more than they're letting on; and a character drama about what you would do if you found out your life had suddenly moved on without you. The show does a surprisingly good job of balancing the three pieces, and the fact that the most compelling piece is the character drama bodes well for the show's survival. - Liam Mathews, Associate Editor

A Million Little Things Boss Reveals What to Expect After That Devastating Final Twist

I've been numbing the crushing pain and sadness of real world events by rewatching Sweet/Vicious, a small but necessary show about two vigilantes (played by Eliza Bennett and Taylor Dearden) taking down accused rapists on a college campus. The show, which was beloved by critics but never really found an audience, lasted just one season on MTV before it was canceled. Part of me will always wonder what would have happened if the show had premiered in the wake of Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo movement, but since we'll never know, I continue to rewatch the one season we got (it's available to buy on Amazon and iTunes) and find comfort in its message to survivors of sexual assault. Plus, now is a great time to rewatch, because the show's story will continue in comic book form and take on the institutions rather than individuals. - Kaitlin Thomas, Senior Editor

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