Question: Please help! This may sound a bit strange or funny, in 1998 I was pregnant with my daughter and in the course of choosing a name for her, I stumbled upon an article in TV Guide. I honestly couldn't tell you much about it, but it featured an actress named Ever whose last name might have begun with the letter "C." Anyhow, I lost the article and can't remember the exact name of the actress and I need your help. This has a bit of importance to me because when my daughter grows up and asks for whom or what I named her after, I would like to have an answer. By the way, my daughter's name is Skye Ever. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Answer: Little Skye is named for actress Ever Carradine, daughter of actor Robert (Revenge of the Nerds, The Long Riders) niece of Keith (Nashville) and David (Kung Fu), cousin of Martha Plimpton (Parenthood) and granddaughter of John (Stagecoach, Billy the Kid vs. Dracula). You probably saw her as Tiffany, girlfriend to Lily's (Sela Ward) ex-husband, Jake, on Once and Again, or maybe caught her work on such series as Party of Five, Veronica's Closet or even the short-lived Conrad Bloom.

Now you'd think that with that kind of acting pedigree, a life on stage and in front of the camera would be par for the course. But the actress told TV Guide that when she informed her dad she was dropping her sociology-anthropology major for something a little more entertaining, he burst into tears and not the happy kind. "I was at college, in the cafeteria, and I called and said, 'Daddy, I want to be a theater major,'" she said. "He cried and said, 'Don't do it!' you know, because it's so hard." (Incidentally, she earned her degree from Portland, Ore.'s Lewis & Clark College, a year behind Monica Lewinsky. Color me judgmental, but I'd say if you had to pick one of those two notable grads for a baby name, you made the right choice.)

Still, it's not like Carradine has never experienced the ups and downs that often come with her chosen vocation. "I feel sort of lucky knowing exactly what I was getting into," she told The Toronto Star earlier this year. "Some years we'd have a great Christmas and get all kinds of cool presents, and there was just lots of activity and clearly lots of money in the house. Then the next year, Christmas would be like four presents and I'd be like, 'What happened? Did you get a film this year, Dad?'"

If you'd like a copy of the story to present to your daughter, you can try either Lenore's TV Guides (908-788-0532) or TV Guide Specialists (309-833-1809) and ask about the price and availability of the April 18, 1998, issue. In the meantime, you can see Skye's namesake on DVD and video in such films as Bubble Boy and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.