Suzy Nakamura, <EM>Help Me Help You</EM> Suzy Nakamura, Help Me Help You

To hear ABC's press site tell it, Help Me Help You's Inger one of the new TV season's breakout characters is "a 25-year-old, self-made millionaire who totally lacks social skills and hasn't had a real date in over six years." So you can understand why she's in desperate need of therapy from Ted Danson's shrink character. To get inside the socially inept software developer's head, Q&A'd her portrayer, Suzy Nakamura, who let slip that tonight at 8:30 pm/ET, Miss Inger just might be getting lucky (for an instant, at least). Plus, Suzy's surprising connection to Heroes' Hiro! What are you up to this fine day?
Suzy Nakamura: I moved some furniture last night. I went to trapeze class with [Help Me costar] Darlene Hunt, and they said, "Your muscles aren't going to hurt the day after. It's the day after that that's going to hurt." So I thought, well, I better move my furniture now. What is trapeze class? Is that all the rage in L.A. these days? The new strip aerobics?
Nakamura: I don't think so. [Laughs] It's like Tae Bo but with a trapeze.... Oh, I'm kidding. I was trying to make a joke that ended with "Trapeze Bo," but it was a long walk for a really small payoff. Yeah, kinda. So how would you sum up Inger in five words or less?
Nakamura: In five words or less?! Um... "Someone..." That's one.
Nakamura: "Who is..." Three...
Nakamura: "Unsocialized." OK. Now elaborate some. What's your take on the character?
Nakamura: I love Inger because I know people just like her. She's not a horrible person; she's not even a mean person. She just doesn't know how to be around people because she hasn't been around people. She's like Brad Pitt, missing a "sensitivity chip."
Nakamura: Yes, she's just like Brad Pitt. [Chuckles] I probably shouldn't say, but I have members of my family who have spent so much time in school studying you know those people who are in college for like eight years, and keep getting degrees that it seems like they're just not great with the real world. They're awkward, shy.... It's like the weird caricature of the unsocialized scientist. I knew a guy like that in college. Went on to be instantly successful, and all we could say is, "All that money and still, no interpersonal skills."
Nakamura: Yes! I don't know if it's that those types of personalities are drawn to isolated endeavors, or if someone spends so much time by themselves that they don't acquire the skills. Maybe it's a combination of both. You've been down this blind-dating road before, as part of The 40 Year Old Virgin's speed-dating scene, but you didn't make the final cut?
Nakamura: I was in the trailer, so everyone thought I was in the movie, but I didn't make it into the final cut. But I'm in a lot of the DVD extras! Have you ever tried this whole blind or Internet dating thing yourself?
Nakamura: I have. I was on How'd that work for you?
Nakamura: Not great. [Laughs] I'm for it, though, and I actually suggested a friend of mine do it, because there are some good things about it. The summary for this week's Help Me Help You reads: "Inger's rendezvous with an Internet date goes south after she inadvertently insults him." How in the world does this differ from the past four episodes?!
Nakamura: [Laughs] This particular date is actually a second date with the guy from J-Date. She actually convinces him, you know, to come over.... And Inger gets a piece. Does it loosen her up a bit?
Nakamura: Not really. I don't know how much she actually enjoys it. [Chuckles] So not only does she insult him, but he runs out of her apartment and she doesn't even read that as a cue. She then kind of almost stalks him a little bit. Stalking is a sign of flattery, though.
Nakamura: Isn't it the highest form? Isn't that the saying? What, if anything, should we make of the fact that one of this season's other breakout characters, Heroes' Hiro [Masi Oka], has the same last name as you?
Nakamura: Not only that, but my father's name was Hiroshi. Hiro is short for Hiroshi, so he has my dad's name. Your dad should totally sue.
Nakamura: [Laughs] What if my dad was a superhero and I just wasn't saying anything? "I don't know what Matt's going to do with that information, so I'm going to keep it to myself!" Lastly, this wouldn't be a legitimate interview if I didn't ask you....
Nakamura: If I was a tree, what kind of tree would I be? No, I'll leave that one for Barbara Walters. What's your fondest memory of being in Sorority Sluts 3: Spring Break?
Nakamura: Probably the time when I was flat on my back with either a plumber or a car mechanic on top of me, and I went up on my line and I actually had to yell "Cut!" and call for my line. The whole premise of the film was that it's a fake porno with fake flubs and outtakes "porn stars" giggling and messing up their lines, putting a dildo on backwards.... Backwards?! I don't think I want to know what exactly you mean.
Nakamura: She had it facing the wrong way and then someone off-camera says, "Uh, it's on backwards," and she goes, "Oh my god!" Proud times.
Nakamura: Yeah.

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