Question: Please help me. Did I miss something, or did they not resolve what happened to the new girl who was shot in the first episode of CSI? I thought maybe here in Australia they mucked up and missed an episode. Please help me, as there is no one as brilliant as you to ask here at home (we have a crap TV mag). Thank you in advance!

Answer: Ah, Michelle. You pushed all the right buttons buttering me up on both the personal and professional fronts and, as a bonus, writing from the other side of the planet when you know I take childish glee in reaching readers in faraway lands. Nevertheless, I shall tell you only that the shooting of Holly Gribbs (Chandra West) is dealt with and given closure in an episode of the hit drama that you've apparently yet to see.

I mean, for crying out loud, it's the least they could do for a woman they treated more harshly than any main character in any pilot I've ever seen. Not only did she have to endure the role of Ms. Exposition ("You're new here? Well, allow me to use you as a convenient plot device to explain everything we do to our viewers"), she also had to put up with being hazed to the point of unceremoniously vomiting on the job and then being abandoned by a petulant Warrick so she could take a slug in the back.

As I said, though, I'll stop there rather than ruin it for you and anyone else Down Under who hasn't caught that episode. Far be it from me to rob a broadcaster of precious ratings points by playing spoiler to my millions of Aussie readers. (OK, so maybe it's just you and that other woman who wrote me a while back.) But enjoy just the same and thanks for the kind words.