Christina Wilson, Justin Antiorio Christina Wilson, Justin Antiorio

[WARNING: The following story reveals the winner of Hell's Kitchen. Read at your own risk.]

After weeks of burned risottos, undercooked meat and Chef Gordon Ramsay's rage, Hell's Kitchen crowned the winner of its 10th season Monday.

In the final dinner service, chef de cuisine Christina Wilson took on sous chef Justin Antiorio in a battle for the life-changing grand prize: a head chef position under Executive Chef Kevin Hee at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.

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Each chef had to choose four of the eliminated contestants to be part of their kitchen brigade. Christina selected buddy Dana, Patrick, Kimmie and the volatile Robyn. Justin chose Barbie, Brian and Royce, and got troublemaker Clemenza by default. Argumentative and lackadaisical, Clemenza looked to be more of a liability than an aid, especially when he began to burn the crostini at his station.

On the Red Team, Christina noted that Robyn is often a cancer on every team she's on, but it was pal Dana who mucked things up. Service got off to a slow start on appetizers when Dana overcooked the scallops and then later during entrees, refused to re-fire halibut when expressly told to do so. The Blue Team's Royce had difficulties fully cooking any of the seafood, whether it was crab cakes or fish.

Neither team had good luck with their final tables. Dana had to redo her undercooked pork, which threw off the timing of all the other elements, forcing Christina to decide to re-fire the entire ticket again. Justin's side came up short on rib-eyes after Barbie's inconsistent performance on the meat station. Justin was able to sub in a filet instead, and nobody went home hungry.

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In the end, it was Christina's door that opened in the big winner's reveal. "It's so completely overwhelming," she said. "I can't wait to go out to Vegas and keep pushing that bar higher and higher until I f---ing touch the stars."

Chef Ramsay praised he passion, talent and leadership skills. "I know I'm not rolling the dice with her in Vegas," he said. "With Christina she's the real deal."

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