Helen Mirren Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren was certainly game during her first hosting gig  on Saturday Night Live. The Dame let castmate Nasim Pedrad feel her up and later shared a steamy liplock with Abby Elliot.

This week's digital short focused entirely on Mirren's "magical bosom." When Mirren allowed Pedrad  to touch her breasts, she received visions of everything from the inspirational sports movie Rudy to Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon in 1969. Nasim even sees Jesus (played by Andy Samberg), who calmly explained that the Oscar winner's breasts "exist in a place beyond space and time:"

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With taxes due on April 15, Samberg played a celebrity tax accountant with clients including the Kardashian sisters, James Franco, and Mirren and Bill Hader sending up A-list odd couple Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton:

Mirren kissed a girl and liked it in a sketch spoofing The Kennedys miniseries. In The Roosevelts, Mirren portrayed Eleanor Roosevelt as a lesbian who was having an affair with Marilyn Monroe (Elliot):

Mirren stepped into the shoes of another historical figure, Frankenstein author Mary Shelley, for a sketch where Shelley got her inspiration for the monster from her very green and loud landlord, Frank Stein:

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