As is often the case with these shows with glitzy big-budget pilots, the second episode seems to pale a little bit in comparison. Or so I thought for most of the episode because of all the talking and planning. That is until fast-driving Vinny showed up. In mere moments he amped up the entertainment factor with his special-request list, the car-chase music and the amazing under-the-trailer-truck getaway move. Too bad it didn't work and he landed in the slammer. Before he hit the scene, I had been mildly amused by the cashmere face mask, the fact that James was using Sam Jackson as a pseudonym and watching Billy getting stuck in the manhole. "Say diet!" I'm still grooving on this show despite all its

Ocean's Eleven rip... rather, similarities, but I'm just worried about how far this can go. If this big Rodeo Drive heist is supposed to happen within a few hours, it either is going to go sour, which would stink, or they make off with half a billion bucks. What happens then? Just a cat-and-mouse game while the cops try to find the robbers? Or do they do another heist, which wouldn't make so much sense since they'd already be multimillionaires. I guess either way I'm intrigued enough to keep watching.