Jordin Sparks by Frank Micelotta/Fox Jordin Sparks by Frank Micelotta/Fox

To those of you watching Lost and TiVoing American Idol, which ran six minutes over (and counting...), hi, I am your new best friend.

I suppose you could say that "this is her now" - though she reserves the right to come up with a new theme for her victory at a later date. With a record 74 million votes cast in this, the final salvo of American Idol 6 - and after sitting through 124 minutes of filler (albeit rather entertaining filler) - Jordin Sparks beat 'boxer Blake Lewis to emerge as the last crooner standing.

Overcome with emotion as Ryan ripped open the envelope and then read her name, the verklempt 17-year-old from Arizona - the youngest Idol in the show's history, mind you - thanked America "for everything," gave props to the fam, and then launched into her rendition of this year's Idol original, "This Is My Now."

As mentioned above, the telecast was chock-a-block with musical entertainment in a fun and frothy way you kinda wish " Idol Gives Back" had been. You had the 12 finalists. Then just the boys. Smokey. Just the girls. Gladys. Kelly, Carrie, Carrie, Kelly. Ruben. Sanjaya. The grey-haired guy who dances as badly as I do. And many more I'm too musically deficient to name. They all turned out, in all sorts of combos, to all degrees of effect. But in the end, it all came down to two words forming a name, the cue for the night's most important song of all. Jordin Sparks, congratulations. - Reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich