Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

Remember all those cracks that many of you made last spring about a "no talent" like Britney Spears darkening How I Met Your Mother's doorstep?

You're going to wish you saved such snark for now.

Heidi Spencer and her beaupendage, Spencer Pratt, are going to appear in a January episode of the CBS sitcom, TVGuide.com has learned. The Hills star and her partner in perpetual photo ops will play two-dimensional versions of themselves, taunting Marshall from the cover of his tabloid of choice as he desperately seeks a quiet "place" to get some reading done.

"We can confirm that Heidi and Spencer will appear on the show, but we can't give away anything specific about the episode," series cocreator Craig Thomas tells us. "All we can say is that they play themselves - and one of them is The Mother."

How I Met Your Mother's guest stars this season have included Regis Philbin and Jamie Lynn Sigler.

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