Heath Ledger by Rebecca Sapp/WireImage.com Heath Ledger by Rebecca Sapp/WireImage.com
Heath Ledger's father on Friday discussed the details of his late son's funeral, to take place Saturday morning in Australia. Speaking from the suburb of Applecross, Kim Ledger said that the ceremony will be "very, very private. There will only be 10 people there, which is my immediate family and nobody else." The late notice of the details about the event are due to the family's grieving. "It's a pretty sad time," Kim said. "We're finding it difficult to cope by ourselves let alone to cope with everybody around the world." In addition, he thanked the global well-wishers who reached out to the family since Heath's death. "Suffice it to say," Kim added, "we're luckier than most families - most families that are in our positions, in our grieving position, don't receive that kind of support." - Anna Dimond

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