Heath Ledger by Tim Whitby/WireImage.com Heath Ledger by Tim Whitby/WireImage.com
Heath Ledger's family, due in New York City on Friday for a very private funeral service, remembers their lost kin as "the most amazing 'old soul' in a young man's body," in a death notice placed in

The West Australian, a newspaper based in Ledger's hometown of Perth. "As a close-knit and very private family we have observed you so determined yet quietly traveling in your self-styled path in life.... Our hearts are broken." After the viewing - which

Michelle Williams also will attend - Ledger's body will be taken back to Australia. Meanwhile, new specifics on the series of phone calls made by Ledger's masseuse to Mary-Kate Olsen have surfaced. A new police timeline shows that Diane Lee Wolozin spent nine minutes speed-dialing Olsen not twice but three times before alerting 911. Though paramedics arrived and officially declared Ledger dead 10 minutes after that call, it is believed the actor had passed on well before he was found by the masseuse (who, by the way, is in trouble for not being licensed in New York - a felony punishable by four years in prison). To hear the New York Daily News tell it, police have no plans to interview Olsen, yet PageSix.com says the NYPD does intend to ask Mary-Kate why she sent a team of bodyguards to the apartment. How does MKO rate a space on Ledger's cell-phone speed-dial, anyway? People is reporting that the starlet dated Ledger "casually" after his split from Williams. "They had a bond that was based on partying," a source tells the glossy. "They had that same sensibility." Related: " News: Jake Gyllenhaal's Silence Is Explained " News: Fox Newsman Apologizes After Controversy, More Updates " Video Blog: Ellen DeGeneres Pays Tribute to Heath Ledger " News: Olsen Twin Called Before 911; Plus, Jack Nicholson's Warning " News: Heath Ledger Autopsy "Inconclusive" " Watch video: News coverage of Ledger's shocking death " Watch video: Clips from Ledger's films " Photo gallery: Heath Ledger's life in pictures