Heath Ledger by Jim Spellman/ WireImage.com, John Gibson courtesy Fox News Radio Heath Ledger by Jim Spellman/ WireImage.com, John Gibson courtesy Fox News Radio

This evening, on Fox News' The Big Story journo John Gibson said he's "sorry" for some controversial comments he made on Wednesday about the late Heath Ledger. Discussing the day's headlines, Gibson dismissed Ledger as a "weirdo" with a "serious drug problem," and obnoxiously mocked the "I wish I knew how to quit you" line from Brokeback Mountain, snarking that Ledger had found the definitive way to "quit you." To clinch the early lead in the Dolt of the Year contest, Gibson also repeatedly suggested that Ledger had killed himself in response to other grim national headlines. (VIDEO: Watch MSNBC's Dan Abrams put Gibson in his place.)

Tonight, however, a slightly more contrite Gibson concluded his segment by saying, "To anyone offended by my comments [yesterday], I'm sorry." To clarify further, he went on to add that he was also sorry that Ledger had died.

In more rational happenings, production on The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus - which Ledger had been in the midst of filming - has shut down, enacting a force majeur clause which frees a production company from liability in the event of a natural disaster or the illness/death of a major cast member.

Lastly, funeral arrangements have been made for Ledger and relatives are expected to arrive in New York City on Friday. Outside of that, however, "The family doesn't want us to give out any information," the funeral home manager tells the AP.

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