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Not too long after a Washington Post writer linked Neighbors to Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger, another site is asking if disparate television nudity has contributed to male entitlement as well.

The Society Pages recently posted an article by Sezin Koehler, who writes: "Ann Hornaday ... argues in the Washington Post that male entitlement fantasies are part of a climate in which women are displayed as objects for the sexual fulfillment of men. This post is about how full-frontal nudity in True BloodHung, and Game of Thrones contributes to this climate."

Returning shows: Where we left off

In the article, Koehler first references HBO's True Blood and says, "While there are dozens of examples of full-frontal female nudity in True Blood's six-season run, from lead actors to extras, there are only two instances of full-frontal male nudity." Koehler goes on to give several instances when only women have been fully nude. The same goes for Game of Thrones, of which Koehler writes, "As usual, women are portrayed fully frontally nude in most Game of Thrones episodes, even when their male sexual partners are not." She adds there has only been one full-frontal male scene to date.

Koehler also points out that despite the title and premise of Hung, there was only a brief, partial glimpse of Ray's (Thomas Jane) penis, while his sexual partners were usually shown fully nude. "Even when a show is about the sexual objectification of a man and his sexual organ, it's still women who are the default sex objects," Koehler writes.

At the end of the post, Koehler adds, "Women's nudity isn't about plot, it's about treating women as objects and men as human beings. The problem is systemic. Women's bodies exist in many of HBO's varied worlds to serve men, circling us back to a culture of male entitlement that, in the case of Rodger at least, led directly to violence."

Koehler's piece comes nearly a year after College Humor called out HBO for its nudity disparity in the takedown video below (warning: NSFW).

Do you agree with Koehler's statements?