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Hawaii Five-0's Masi Oka live-tweeted Monday's Season 2 premiere, kicking off CBS Tweet Week on a fun note.

The episode picked up one week after the events of the Season 1 finale, where McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) was framed for the murder of Governor Jameson (Jean Smart) by Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos). As Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) attends the funeral, John Locke Lt. Commander Joe White (Terry O'Quinn) makes his arrival. "OMG it's O'Quinn," Oka tweets.

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McGarrett is still in prison, but someone wants to make sure he doesn't come out of there alive. In particular, nemesis Victor Hesse (James Marsters), who finds a way to end up in the yard alone with, greeting him with a swift screwdriver to the gut. "The polar bear will attack after this scene," Oka jokes about the intense fight scene, recalling a mysterious creature on Lost, the series that co-starred O'Quinn and also filmed in Hawaii.

It turns out, Wo Fat hired Hesse to kill McGarrett, but Hesse decided to instead save his own life (because Wo Fat is so going to turn on him) by giving McGarrett the opportunity to escape and kill Wo Fat first. "W/e that guy is going to die anyways. He IS a fool. They always die," Oka notes.

The cops are now on the hunt for McGarrett, but the team reunites to help him out. The minute Kono (Grace Park) comes on screen, Oka offers, "We have a pretty good-looking cast." Very true.

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Back to McGarrett, who has taken cover in a bathroom. "Conveniently a cop comes to use the restroom," Oka says as McGarrett is faced with his first threat, though he's easily able to disarm the officer and even suits up in his uniform, making it that much easier to get away.

Surprisingly, McGarrett seeks shelter at Max's apartment. Following a trail of blood, Max calls the police but stops himself when he sees the unconscious McGarrett in the bathroom. ("The umbrella as a sword was an homage to my Heroes days," Oka says of Max's "weapon" when he comes in).

After 5-0 reunites, Danny (Scott Caan) begrudgingly takes McGarrett to meet White where it's revealed that McGarrett's dad, John McGarrett, was asked to look into corruption in the police department. John hid the evidence, though, in order to protect his family.

Meanwhile, Kono has been tracking Wo Fat, who's preparing to make a run for it. Just as she snaps a surveillance picture of him — "Uh oh Kono. That music isn't good for you," Oka says — she gets captured by his people. "Dramatic music + hidden snapshots = trouble," Oka adds. Kono comes face-to-face with Wo Fat, who dumps her evidence in the ocean. "That was an expensive laptop," Oka jokes.

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After Jenna Kaye (Larisa Oleynik) finds the locker key where the evidence is hidden, the team discovers a digital card that contains video footage filmed from within the governor's office. Chin Ho and Danny head to the governor's mansion to see if the camera is still there, which may have additional evidence to prove McGarrett is innocent. "Conveniently a hidden camera still exists for a year," Oka says.

HPD discovers that McGarrett has been hiding at Kamekona's shave ice store and surrounds the place, but McGarrett doesn't come out guns blazing. Instead, he surrenders himself. Fortunately, Danny, Chin Ho and Lt. Governor Sam Denning (Richard T. Jones) show up just in time to vindicate him. Five-0 is then reinstated, but it no longer has full immunity. "Full immunity. Is this Survivor? Maybe people will get voted off 5-0," Oka says. However, Kono can't be cleared until after Internal Affairs finishes their investigation.

Speaking of Kono, she's able to escape from Wo Fat's henchmen and gets a call in to the team. When they arrive at Wo Fat's escape boat, it's already taking off to deeper waters. Kono and Joe — "We'll see more Terry than just this episode," Oka notes — go after the buyer and they discover he bought raw materials for a dirty bomb from Wo Fat. 

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Meanwhile, Danny and McGarrett jump onto Wo Fat's escape yacht and take out his guards. "Helicopters, boats, guns, oh my! Yep, it's expensive," Oka says. Unfortunately, Wo Fat isn't on the boat, so McGarrett questions the guards, who are not cooperative. "'Book 'em Danno' gotta love it," Oka says after we hear the infamous line for the first time this season.

As the 5-0 team both celebrates their reinstatement and laments not capturing Wo Fat, Danny discovers that McGarrett's father had met with Wo Fat and the governor. "Ooh. Plot twist," Oka says. They decide to talk to Hesse to get more information, but they'll learn soon that he's already dead. Wo Fat murdered Hesse himself by dressing as a corrections officer. His getaway driver outside of the prison? Jenna Kaye! "OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMGGGG. Boom. Now that was an ending. And now you want to watch Episode 2," Oka concludes. 

OMG, indeed. What did you think of the Season 2 premiere of Hawaii Five-0? Were you surprised that Kaye, who's been hunting down Wo Fat for years because he killed her fiancé, is actually working with him? Hit the comments with your thoughts.