There's nothing like a near-death experience to prepare someone for their wedding!

On Friday's episode of Hawaii Five-0, Kono (Grace Park) finds her life in danger as she attempts a solo canoe trip around the Hawaiian Islands in honor of her mother, who always wanted to travel the route and never got a chance to.

"We get to finally discover a little bit about Kono's family and her relationship with her parents, especially her mom," Park tells "She got a lot of her strength from her mother."

Though the episode marks a turning point for Kono, it was also a watershed moment in Park's life - quite literally, as the show's stunt team attempted to re-create a massive storm.

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"It's like All Is Lost but in Hawaii, on a canoe," Park recalls. "It was quite a highlight of the season for me. It was so satisfying, really wonderful to be able to dive into something. It didn't matter what the elements were."

And dive she did. Filming the scene entailed 70 gallons of water getting dumped on Park repeatedly via a backhoe, as she treaded water in a pool. ("They assured me the pool was going to be heated and it wasn't," she notes.)

"I had no idea how bad it was going to be until I talked to our special effects coordinator," Park says. "When I saw them dump the bulldozer of, like, 70 gallons of water on the stunt actor, I was sitting warm in the hot tub thinking, 'I'm so glad I'm not doing that. She's getting paid good money. I'm super thankful. I'll just do the acting.' And then they're like, 'Grace, you're up!'"

With Kono and Adam's (Ian Anthony Dale) wedding coming up in next week's season finale, will Kono's peril affect her decision to walk down the aisle?

"Because of what it means to her and how long she's out in the ocean, she goes through different stages of perseverance and dedication ... then helplessness and despair," Park notes. "Any time something like this happens, you really question your mortality. It shines a light onto your relationships in a way, because you really decide the importance of them and the value of your relationships to these people in your life. And it either will strengthen it or you'll let them go."

Check out a sneak peek of Kono's harrowing journey, exclusive to, below: