On the next episode of Hawaii Five-0, Chin Ho Kelly's (Daniel Dae Kim) niece Sara (Londyn Silzer) finally comes back into his life. But unfortunately, their reunion isn't a happy one.

A birthday celebration for Chin comes to an abrupt halt when he gets the terrible news that Sara has been kidnapped in Mexico, where she's now living with her adoptive parents. Chin and the rest of the Five-0 crew don't waste any time in getting there to see if they can rescue her in time.

"Chin hasn't had love in his life in a while, and it seems to have taken a new form in this little girl," Kim says. "Sara represents something he's never had in his life. He's never had to take care of someone other than the family that's Five-0."

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Though Chin's been wary of Sara's other relatives ever since he learned that they had ties to local drug dealers, when the real reason for Sara's kidnapping comes to light, it's not something that he or any of the other members of Five-0 could have seen coming. And at the end of the episode, Chin makes a decision that could have devastating long-term consequences - for him, Sara, and the entire Five-0 family.

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