Question: I am having an argument with a friend about an old cartoon. She doesn't believe me when I tell her about The Mighty Heroes. I have found some info on the Web but was wondering if it was on TV or available on video so I can actually show her some episodes. Please e-mail me. Thank you.

Answer: E-mail? As it says at the top of page, Televisionary don't play that. So I hope you see this here.

Unfortunately, as far as I know episodes of Mighty Heroes are no longer on the air and aren't available on video anymore, but they have been on VHS in the past so you might be able to score a copy from your favorite online auction site or used-video outlet. If it helps your cause at all, however, I'm only too happy to confirm that the cartoon did indeed exist, especially since I used to catch it in syndication and loved it as a young'un.

The titular heroes of the superhero genre-spoofing cartoon included team leader Diaper Man, a flying baby with the personality and fighting skills of an adult; Rope Man, who was, well... made of rope; Tornado Man, who possessed whirlwind powers; Strong Man (can you guess his power?); and Cuckoo Man, who wasn't at all formidable but could fly very clumsily. Obviously, the name-to-superpowers relationship was designed to avoid overtaxing young minds.

One of the reasons there aren't many installments available on video, by the way, is that there were never many around, period. The show only ran on CBS' Saturday-morning schedule for one season (1966-67) and was caught by most of its fans only when repeats aired. Also of note: The series was created by animator Ralph Bakshi (Fritz the Cat, American Pop) and featured late actor Herschel Bernardi, who appeared on TV's Peter Gunn and Arnie and provided the voice of Charley the Tuna and the laugh of the Jolly Green Giant, as well as various voices on this show.