Question: You still haven't said anything about the Everwood Ferris-wheel event! I know you were there! How was it?

Answer: So sorry! I posted a mini-recap of the big event on and totally forgot to fill in my AA peeps! Put simply, it was amazing. I showed up very early to ensure that I'd get the full rock-star treatment, and I was not disappointed. I was signing autographs, posing for pictures, doing interviews and, yes, riding the Ferris wheel. Click here to  view some highlights. (There's also shocking stalkerazzi footage available on YouTube.) But let's face it, the event wasn't all about me. Some of it was about the tireless group of Everwood fans who magically made a Ferris wheel appear in the middle of Burbank as a way to show their love and appreciation to everyone connected with the show. Not only did it accomplish that exec producer Rina Mimoun and costar Debra Mooney were among the Everwood MVPs who came out to witness the "grand gesture" but it also proved that New York Times columnist Virginia Heffernan was dead wrong when she wrote that Everwood fans are "too gentle, too discreet and too modest" to make a "fuss" over the show's untimely cancellation. Sure, they may not have been able to save the show or convince Warner Bros. Home Video to release Seasons 2, 3 and 4 on DVD but they did make a fuss. And it was neither modest nor discreet  it was ridiculously over-the-top and unbelievably sweet. And for this, they rock. ("They" also put together this cool "teaser trailer" for the forthcoming Project Ferris Wheel video and gave me awesome billing.)