The Hasselhoffs The Hasselhoffs

Ever wonder what goes on in the Hasselhoff household?

In A&E's new reality series, The Hasselhoffs, viewers get to see "The Hoff" as "The Dad" — to daughters Hayley, 18, and Taylor Ann, 20. And since acorns don't fall far from the tree, David Hasselhoff's kids want to make it big in the entertainment biz.

Of course, drama ensues.

With a show promo that features a "baby Hoff" running on the beach — chest hair and all — a la Baywatch, it's apparent that Hasselhoff is still willing to poke fun of himself, be it his career or his personal struggles.

Check out The Hasselhoffs' baby promo

"I've learned that the only person that can bring me down is me," Hasselhoff said when he and his daughters stopped by the studio.  "And I've done that before!"

Find out what else the family had to say about their series, which premieres Sunday at 10/9c, and how Hasselhoff feels about his girls trying to break into show business.

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