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I don't want to start any rumors, particularly the sad kind, but things aren't looking so good for Hart of Dixie, y'all.

Despite CW President Mark Pedowitz's claims over the summer that fans shouldn't read into the show's shortened episode order as an impending cancellation, the evidence is beginning to stack up.

Over the last couple of weeks, stars Wilson Bethel and Scott Porter have posted less-than-subtle tweets suggesting Dixie's upcoming fourth season will be its last.

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On Oct. 6, Bethel tweeted, "Thank you, Wade Kinsella for these four wonderful years. It's been a mighty pleasure knowing you."

Now, to add fuel to the conspiracy fire, Deadline.com is reporting that Bethel has landed a series regular role on ABC's midseason drama The Astronaut Wives Club. He'll play Scott Carpenter, the easygoing husband of Yvonne Strahovski's Rene.

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Currently, Bethel is only slated to appear in eight of Wives' 10 episodes, and because Dixie has already completed filming on Season 4, the two shooting schedules don't overlap.

Considering the evidence, though, and the fact that Deadline also reports the actor recently closed a deal with Warner Bros. TV to write a drama project for The CW, it might not be a bad idea to start preparing for the worst, Bluebell fans.

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Expect Astronaut Wives Club's premiere and the return of Hart of Dixie sometime midseason.

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