For an actor, the most difficult part of playing a gay character isn't the threat of Hollywood typecasting. No, it's the grilling they will undoubtedly receive from the media about their own sexual orientation.

Well, former All My Children star Mathew St. Patrick discovered just that recently when TV Guide Online asked the thesp — who plays a non-hetero in love with Anthony C. Hall in American Beauty scribe Alan Ball's upcoming HBO drama series Six Feet Under — what team he bats for in real life.

"I'm not going to answer it," St. Patrick responds. "I kind of find humor in it, I really do... You're talking about a show, you're talking about a character, and yet at the same time, it's like the question is... 'Are you gay?' It's got nothing to do with the show. I'm not offended by it, I just find it humorous.

"If you look at anyone and just base everything on their sex... there's more than just sex or a particular person's preference," the actor continues. "All of these characters are very rich and I just think that's a very shallow way to look at the character."

Still, St. Patrick — who says his agents supported his decision to head Six Feet Under (which revolves around a family-run mortuary) — realizes that "The Question" will be asked of him a million times. As a result, he's decided it's probably best to just put the issue to rest and let his deep dark secret out. "No, I'm not gay," he confesses. "I'm heterosexual... I kind of had to give you a hard time because it hasn't been asked yet."

But unlike former Talk Soup host and self-proclaimed straight arrow Hal Sparks — who took heat for comparing bussing another dude for his role on Showtime's Queer as Folk to kissing a dog — St. Patrick is not finding the man-on-man action on Six Feet Under a stomach-churning experience. "I think it was strange, in all honesty, because [Anthony and I] hadn't had any chance to really get together and talk a great deal," he admits. "I just came in from New York and went right to work, so it was hard from that sense — that we didn't have a chance to actually get together and kiss a few times, if you will."