When Hannibalshifted the bulk of its storytelling to Italy for the first half of Season 3, the show had to build some new sets. And the production took full advantage.

During TVGuide.com's recent visit to the show's Toronto locations, executive producer Bryan Fuller gave us a tour of the show's beautiful, elaborate Norman Chapel set — a re-creation of the real chapel in Palermo, Sicily. In the video above, Fuller tells us that although it's the largest set ever constructed for the show, there is still a good deal of digital effects used to complete the foyer of Hannibal's mind palace. Plus: Learn the secrets behind all that beautiful tile work.

On the Set: Why everything is different on Hannibal Season 3

The video also features a look inside Hannibal's kitchen, dining room and office. How much blood did the show use in the Season 2 finale? Why does Hannibal's herb garden look like a jungle? And how did the show take inspiration from... Ralph Lauren?! All those answers and more await you when you click play above!

Hannibal airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.