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Do you spend a lot of time laughing while watching Hannibal? Neither do we, but creator Bryan Fuller actually doesn't see the NBC crime drama being that far off from some of his whimsical past projects.

In our exclusive first look at the latest edition of "Post Mortem with Scott Thompson," a web series hosted by the actor who plays Hannibal's lab geek Jimmy, Fuller explains how he was lured to the project. "I was just intrigued with a gentleman cannibal," Fuller says. "There was so much fun to what he does as somebody who eats the rude — there was inherent comedy to be had. I see this as a very, very, very dark comedy."

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Dark indeed. However, Fuller insists that although his show deals with serial killers, he doesn't think  Hannibal plays by the same rules as other series in the genre. "The serial killers are fantastical; it's a heightened reality," he says. "The reality of it is covered so well on other crime procedural shows where women are frequently raped and murdered. That's something I don't want to do on this show. I find it difficult to derive any entertainment from rape."As for what's still to come in the second season? Fuller promises that Will (

Hugh Dancy) will go to extreme (and dangerous) lengths in order to bring Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) to justice. "It's going to be a bloodbath," Fuller says of the finale. "It ends poorly for most."Watch Fuller's complete interview below, and check out full episodes of Hannibal here.