The Whitest Kids U Know by Andrew Robinson/IFC The Whitest Kids U Know by Andrew Robinson/IFC
The when: Sundays at 11 pm/ET on IFC Why watch?: These days, sketch comedy on TV is all but restricted to those few Saturday late-night mainstays that by now have wrinkles in everything, including their jokes. If you haven't caught any of

The Whitest Kids U' Know's second season yet, buckle up folks. The five twentysomethings of TWKU'K write all their own material and slay each half-hour episode with crisp wit and an intelligent, bizarre approach to comedy that'll make you wonder how those other sketch shows keep getting away with their old-school game plans. With riffs on everything from genitalia to gun control, these guys meld real grit (you'll never laugh so hard at death and destruction) with totally puerile gags (the squeamish be forewarned) and smart political satire. And in case you're missing some of the quirks of the old classics, these guys do have one thing in common with your John Cleeses and Dave Foleys: They sure do look pretty in drag. Who's who: The facetious five are actors Sam Brown, Zach Cregger, Trevor Moore, Darren Trumeter and Timmy Williams. The lot met as undergrads in New York and started working their magic on the city's comedy scene before their act was picked up by the folks at IFC. What's next: The remainder of the season is totally infectious... in that itchy, burning-down-there kind of way. The dudes who've so far shown us a guy with prosthetic bare breasts and sketches like "Instant Karma Bigot" (where an ignoramus is mauled the instant he makes off-color remarks) keep on their own merry way as they continue to put small children in awkward situations, mock history and give testicle jokes a new wind. Now there's a nice mental image. Say what?!: Since the show airs on the Independent Film Channel (you know, the "TV, Uncut" people), every episode is totally unfiltered, uncensored and raw. Blood and violence? Check. Nudity? Yep. The seven words you can't say on television? Ding! The easily offended may want to V-chip this one from themselves. What do you say?: Do you consider TWKU'K brilliant or tasteless? And is there even still a place for sketch comedy on TV these days? - Sandra Kofler