Jon Cryer and April Bowlby Jon Cryer and April Bowlby

After surviving the return of crazy Rose, the gang won't have a moment to catch their breath before another whack job from the past returns to wreak havoc on CBS' Two and a Half Men.

April Bowlby, who played Kandi — Charlie's actress/lover and Alan's second wife — in 15 episodes from 2005-07, will pop up in Malibu to seduce one of the regulars (the episode is scheduled to air November 29). And by regulars, I mean Alan (now at a high point in his relationship with Lyndsey), Lyndsey (none too pleased about Kandi's return), Jake (who'll catch an STD), Walden (who's starstruck by Kandi) or Berta (who gets a special birthday gift in the episode).

When we last saw Kandi, she was auditioning for a TV cop show called Stiffs. Turns out she booked the role and "moved to New York and became a big star," says Bowlby. "There's definitely been an evolution for Kandi, who is now choosing who she wants to go after, because she thinks she can have it all."

The mystery bedroom scene was shot without a studio audience. "We found our post-coital position and it was very quick and cozy," adds Bowlby. "When the truth comes out, I'm sure this will all blow up in everyone's faces."

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