There's a reason Gwyneth Paltrow's unbilled cameo in the opening minutes of Austin Powers in Goldmember was such a surprise to audiences. "I am an excellent secret keeper," the Oscar winner boasts to TV Guide Online. "It really p---es my friends off. They're like, 'Come on!'"

Goldmember finds Paltrow camping it up as Dixie Normous, the leading lady of the movie-within-a-movie parody Austinpussy. Also appearing in the celeb-packed sequence: Steven Spielberg, Danny DeVito, Kevin Spacey and Tom Cruise — who played her love interest. "I couldn't believe everybody said they would do it," Paltrow marvels. "It was just a great day, hanging out with Steven, making out with Tom Cruise. It was really fun."

As Paltrow explains, Mike Myers — who appears opposite the actress in the upcoming flight attendant comedy A View From the Top — approached her last year about the Powers cameo. "When [he] asked me to do it, I was like, 'Of course, I'll do anything you want me to do.' I never get to do stuff like that," says the longtime Miramax muse, who returns to her literary foothold with Possession (opening Aug. 16). "The costume designer came over for a fitting and she was like, 'Now, you're going to be in a leather catsuit,' and I'm like, 'Well, okay. This is not my normal Wednesday afternoon.'"

The soon-to-be 30-year-old thesp wasn't paid for the shagedelic spoof, but there were some groovy perks. "It was just after Sept. 11 and I had trepidation about flying out [to Los Angeles for the shoot]," she recalls. "So, [New Line exec] Bob Shaye sent me a plane, which made me very excited. So that was my payment — I got a one-way trip on a private plane."

Oh, behave!