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Starting tonight, crime-fiction king James Ellroy, author of L.A. Confidential, American Tabloid and more, hosts six episodes of a new show about some of the most devilish acts ever to terrorize the city of Angels. As "the demon dog of American literature" guides viewers through crime scenes, we get to know victims, killers and celebrities, and it begins with the family tragedy that sparked his fascination with crime. But no one is more interesting than the writer himself. We asked Ellroy for the cold, hard facts on his new series.

With great thanks to the team at Investigation Discovery, I am now charged with hosting a once-a-week program on crime in Los Angeles — my smogbound fatherland. James Ellroy's L.A.: City of Demons is an unprecedentedly wild view of old and new L.A., with titillating Tinseltown scandals from long ago — like the blasphemous Black Dahlia case and the hellacious "Hillside Stranglers" — and the cheesy chicanery that piles up so putridly today. L.A. is the crème-de-la-crime, where celebrity and media culture unite for the best crimes on earth — and with me as on-camera host, narrator and interviewer, you've got shimmering bleep-loads of my vivid verbal flair.

This show is a fabulous and fatalistic fait accompli: Because where cities and sleazy behavior run crazed and crazy, L.A. stands alone. I'll calamitously compare cases past and present — shoot you the lowdown, the lurid layaway.

And I'll have a pal — a corrupt, jive-talking animated police dog named Barko — who is my alter ego and has all my calculating ego nailed cold. Weekly, folks — you, me, Barko, some jive-talk, some book-talk, a gas with L.A. crime!

James Ellroy's L.A.: City of Demons airs Wednesday at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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