Style wise, grown-ish is the dopest show on television. Sick style is built into the show's very DNA, with emerging icon Yara Shahidi as the lead and Basquiat lookalike Luka Sabbat -- a style god who is so fly he can even make chunky silver jewelry look cool — playing her kinda love interest. Those two could wear wallpaper and look amazing, but costume designer Michelle Cole really rounded out the entire cast wardrobe to create a slew of colorful, funky and totally modern outfits that are absolutely worth a B&E charge to steal. Cute as they are, some of the looks are totally unrealistic for the typical college freshman, who's much more likely to be praying there's enough money on her card for pizza than to be dropping $500 on the Stella McCartney jeans Zoey wears on the show. Can you tell which outfit is totally something a college freshman could afford, or enough for a car payment? Play along!

1. This 90s-inspired blue maxi dress

Yara Shahidi, grown-ishYara Shahidi, grown-ish

A relic from her mom's closet? Nope. This Opening Ceremony retails for $475, although maybe Zoey got it on sale?

2. This sweatshirt Zoey cocooned herself in after breaking up with Cash (Abraham D. Juste)

Yara Shahidi, Francia Raisa grown-ishYara Shahidi, Francia Raisa grown-ish

Something from the bookstore? Ha! This hoodie by cult label Vetements is $930.

3. This red hoodie Luka wears in the first episode

Luka Sabbat, grown-ishLuka Sabbat, grown-ish

This Balenciaga sweatshirt, coveted by fashion nerds because it's a playful re-appropriation of the Bernie Sanders campaign logo, costs $500 on sale. Where do these kids work?!

4. Zoey's funky deconstructed Tupac tee

Yara Shahidi, grown-ishYara Shahidi, grown-ish

A totally reasonable $35, although somebody in the dorm could probably cut and re-sew it for $10.

5. The adorable multicolored knit sweater on Jazlyn (Halle Bailey, right)

Chloe Bailey, Halle Bailey, Trevor Jackson, grown-ishChloe Bailey, Halle Bailey, Trevor Jackson, grown-ish

$35, by Free People — a good bargain for the broke student athlete.

6. This hippie-looking tie dye coat

Yara Shahidi, grown-ishYara Shahidi, grown-ish

Do hippies shop at Neiman's? This coat is $400, if you can still find one.

7. Aaron's (Trevor Jackson) antique car print sweatshirt

Trevor Jackson, grown-ishTrevor Jackson, grown-ish

Just $25 from Forever 21.

8. Vivek's (Jordan Buhat) star T-shirt

Jordan Buhat, grown-ishJordan Buhat, grown-ish

$550 at Barney's for the Givenchy star-appliquéd cotton jersey. Which is nothing for Vivek, the campus drug dealer. He'll make that back in a day!

9. This flea-market looking T-shirt with a spaceship on it

Yara Shahidi, Tracee Ellis Ross, grown-ishYara Shahidi, Tracee Ellis Ross, grown-ish

Not some thrift store find! It's by Stella McCartney and goes for $275. Is that why Zoey's mom Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) has that suprised look on her face?

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